Precision in tooling and stamping manufacturing

Our quality management system is certified in accordance to strict regulations of ISO/TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001. Each and every cycle and process are planned and controlled. In our company we stick to a zero-defect strategy. Every staff member contributes to this aim on his own responsibility.

In order to achieve consistent quality, we regularly train our employees in adhering to ISO/TS 16949 as well as ISO 9001 directives. Permanent quality control is carried out by monitoring parts using 3D coordinate measuring machines and comparing measurement data with the CAD model.

Our experienced team stands for quality, adherence to schedules and precision.

Quality never is a product of coincidence.

Equipment: measuring technology

  • Bereich Measuring range
  • leer  
  • leer  
  • Unsicherheit Measuring uncertainty
  • x X mm
  • y Y mm
  • z Z mm
  • mpe MPEE [µm]
3D coordinate measuring machine TESA MH 3D Recorder 454
  • x 400
  • y 490
  • z 390
  • mpe 2,5 + (L⁄256)
Portal measuring system: Wenzel System LH 87
  • x 800
  • y 1500
  • z 700
  • mpe 2,0 + (L⁄350)
3D measuring microscope Keyence VHX-2000
  • x 3D enlargement
  • y 3D
  • z 2D enlargement
  • mpe 2D
  • x 200x
  • y Height measuring
  • z 500x
  • mpe Measuring system:
    100mm x+y
    indicator accuracy: 0,1µm
    movement accuracy:
    4 + 0,02L(µm)