New 800 tons press broadens stamping machinery capacity


800 t Stanzpresse von Helmerding
Die neue 800 t Stanzpresse von Helmerding

Comprehensive machinery and available technology enable us to meet our customers expectations.

Our manufacturing department uses presses of different manufacturers and various press force. For example there's a machine from Müller Weingarten with 630 tons press force available, including a conveyor belt system for processing of 10 tons coils. In 2007 we expanded the mid-range segment with a Helmerding 315 tons press.

For subsequent processing of stamped and bent parts there are eccentric presses up to 250 tons press force and hydraulic open front forging presses with up to 160 tons press force available.

Mid of 2012 we broadened the upper segment stamping machinery by commissioning an new Helmerding 800 tons press.