Industrial tooling

We are well experienced in matters of stamping and sheet forming technology and assist our customers from conception and prototyping through to the final product. During this process we plan, design and manufacture sophisticated tools to our customers specification - either to be used within their own line production or in our in-house stamping manufacture.

The functioning of the final product determines every stage of tool development. Your expectations and our ideas will interact during the planning stage to achieve optimal functioning. Inventive, technically mature solutions will be the result of our cooperation.

Our tool makers then produce highly precise components for the assembley of the final tool. And our assemblers complete the tool, bringing in not only their huge knowledge but also a keen sense of details.

To adjust the tools under serial production conditions, we have considerable machinery available in our manufacturing department. Modern measuring technology is used to control the results.

We put your concepts into practice. Our qualified team designs fixture construction and industrial tools, such as progressive tools, leveling tools, cutting tools, embossing tools, drawing tools and many more.

Inventive technology is based on experience and creativity.

We produce:

  • Progressive tools (leveling tools, cutting tools, embossing tools, drawing tools, etc.) - including integration of additional work processes within the tool, such as feeding and calking of stud or threaded bolts, or forming threads
  • Inlaid tools
  • Prototypes
  • Tools up to an extension of 3,000 mm (respectively larger in modular design)
  • Fixture constructions
  • Contract manufacture of components available on request (machinery)